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Sebastian Bernardy and Vincent Meyer Madaus formed Eventually Made as a creative practice with the impulse to make the world a more intuitive, tangible and credible place. The studio is engaged with the interdisciplinary domain of everyday life and the belief in a natural immediacy of creative productions in architecture, design and visual communication.



February 15 2021
Confronted by questions about the changing relationship between urbanism and infrastructure, we contribute to the project Speculations Series by the initiative Berlin Brandenburg 2040.

December 18 2020
Vincent and Sebastian present the publishing project Upstairs New York at the New Generations Festival 2020: (City &) Responsibility (Announcement, Program). 

October 19 2020
MONU #33 includes our article New Top City, our appeal for an urgent alteration in the nature of roof use induced by the current crisis. 

September 14 2020
Our article Upstairs New York, an outlook on NYC’s busy rooftops and their upcoming green transformation, was published in topos 112 | green technologies.

July 24 2020
Sebastian has answered some questions by NXT A about the present lockdown, ongoing projects and future intents.

June 29 2020
We have been selected for the starting grant of the Dutch Creative Industries Fund to carry out our investigation on Open House.

May 6 2020
Coming Up, a speculation on New York City’s roofscape in 2040 is published on Urban Omnibus.

December 20 2019
Volume Magazine #56 Playbor is out, featuring the project Garage Tales.

November 8 2019
Urban Omnibus: Portfolios, an exhibition reflecting on the magazine’s 10 year anniversary, features our project Front of House.

September 8 2019
Sebastian presents recent work at MACRO in Rome as part of the New Generations Festival 2019: ATLAS of emerging practices.

September 6 2019
Insights into current working methodology and set-up of the practice are published in ATLAS of emerging practices, edited by Itinerant Office.

February 15–16 2018
Sebastian presents Open House at MAO in Ljubljana as part of the Future Architecture Platform Creative Exchange 2018.

June 25 2016
We self-published Tracing Everyday Performances, an essay on the anthropomorphic adaptation of life, transience and death in architecture.

February 1 2016
Garage Tales is exhibited at Princeton University School of Architecture as part of Itineraries 2015.