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Sebastian Bernardy and Vincent Meyer Madaus formed Eventually Made as a creative practice with the impulse to make the world a more intuitive, tangible and credible place. The studio is engaged with the interdisciplinary domain of everyday life and the belief in a natural immediacy of creative productions in architecture, design and visual communication.


Re-Wiring La Grande Borne

An urbanism study of La Grande Borne in the South of Paris, the project is an attempt at revitalizing a grand ensemble through a sensitive reprogramming of existing protocols and a belief in urban vitalization through activation of program, circulation and interference. Relying on a working method of incisions, interjections, and additions without disrupting or abolishing the existing social contracts and mechanisms, the plan offers opportunities of evolvement and growth to the population.

Type: M. Arch Thesis
Medium: Paper, Model and Publication

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May 17 2016003

Urban reconfiguration study in Grigny