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Sebastian Bernardy and Vincent Meyer Madaus formed Eventually Made as a creative practice with the impulse to make the world a more intuitive, tangible and credible place. The studio is engaged with the interdisciplinary domain of everyday life and the belief in a natural immediacy of creative productions in architecture, design and visual communication.


Garage Tales

The residential garage, the little addendum to the typical (American) house, bears a significance that surpasses the simple purpose to shelter a car. In the 20th century, with the post-war advent of personal automobiles and the widespread installation of garages, the corporately nine-to-five working homeowner soon started to work on side projects, developed hobbies and created individual ambitions in this surprisingly variable space. Garage Tales illustrates the story of 14 projects whose founders originated in residential garages and describes home-made stories of success, adaptation and aspiration.

Type: Research Project
Medium: Exhibition and Publication

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Feb 1 2016002

Explorative analysis of the converted residential garage typology